I am a poet and storyteller who runs on espresso, anxiety, and inappropriate humor. I have been around books my whole life—first as an avid read, then a bookseller for more than a decade, and now as the evening supervisor of a university library. I write to escape, cope, and find a deeper meaning to my place in the world. I love romantic fantasy fiction, dark humor, and any fairy-tale retelling I can get my hands on.

When I’m not writing I’m reading, taking pictures, exploring twisting side streets, spending time alone with my thoughts, and let’s be honest, binge-watching Netflix. My past lives include research intern, sled dog trainer, historical re-enactor, deputy registrar, Marian shrine volunteer, and freelance graphic designer.

I am currently a contributing writer for The Creative Cafe and Poetrica on Medium. I live with my husband in western Wisconsin, in the shadows of the bluffs along the Mississippi River.